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Because SER+ focuses on students’ learning process, it serves various learning methodologies, such as blended, meaningful, project-based, competency-based, personalized, and autonomous learning. SER+ incorporates the principles of Relational Education, which help students progress in four competencies:

Intellectual Competencies

Why are students bored at school? Because they do not understand the meaning of what they are learning. Where there is no value, there is no attention.

The personalization of students learning process will have a direct impact on the development of intrinsic motivation, triggering their passion to learn because it is useful for them and for their environment.

Many education apps claim they offer personalized learning. However, in reality what they are offering is personalized CONTENT. Changing the content will not necessarily foster interest for learning. Personalized PROCESS develops intrinsic motivation because it aligns students’ passion and greatest abilities to what they are learning.

Personal Competencies

Together with their educators, students learn to make decisions and accept the consequences of their decisions. This makes them responsible and capable of evolving as they decide how to build their daily, weekly, and monthly commitments to complete their learning plan.

This corresponds to their personal goals, while collaborating with their educators on the date to turn in projects, and setting a date to complete their course, among others. During this process, students develop the autonomy to plan their time.


Specific daily planning develops goal setting abilities, organization, work effectiveness, decision making through prioritization, responsibility, and accountability. As students grow in autonomy, they start planning their week, month, year, and eventually their lives. Planning and having goals develop intrinsic motivation as students discover how hard they can push themselves and how far they can go.

Emotional Competencies

We need to deliberately empower students to plan, take action, make decisions, change courses of action, and transform themselves while guiding them towards becoming effective, life-long learners.

Having the control of their learning motivates students to achieve mastery, the “I-can-do-this” attitude. In this journey to get better at something, students develop key skills, such as resilience.

Autonomy and mastery, combined to a purpose, is the ultimate intrinsic motivation force that will keep students learning. The journey is no longer a pain when students set their own destination!

Social Competencies

In SER+ Teams, students set goals, assume complementary roles, evaluate the process and transform it together with their educators.

Students learn to collaborate, develop leadership skills and solidarity, they are recognized for their strengths, and learn to be committed to their community.

SER+ Teams allows students to create projects, clubs, and workshops involving different areas of knowledge to solve problems. Progress is measured by goals achieved. Isn’t it similar to the real world?

Each student is unique and can add value to the world. The combination of outstanding skills reveals students’ uniqueness. SER+ student-centered approach goes beyond content: it focuses on students’ dreams, achievements, skills, personal goals, and so on. It also allows others to recognize this student. My SER+ is the declaration of students’ passion and a great start to what motivates them.


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