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Professional Development (PD) for Educators

Provide professional development (PD) for your educators today through our exclusive online training sessions with personalized PD plan! Educators will embark in a 10-month journey to make full use of the learning methodology in SER+, and have monthly coach calls with our SER+ coaches. Educators will learn to:

  • Explore and discover your role to make innovation happen in and out of classrooms.

  • Foster students’ decision-making, social responsibility and personalized learning experiences, thus respecting every student’s learning needs, pace and learning style.

  • Support a meaningful learning experience positively impacts students’ lives, allowing them to create constructive relationships with their peers, their environment and their community.

  • Guide students to become authors of their own lives.

  • Develop your own units of study in your area, following a four-stage structure to develop learning autonomy.

  • Personalize your students’ learning experience, respecting their unique characteristics, strengths and preferences, as well as their level of autonomy.

  • Guide students to objectively and honestly assess their own work, understand their choices, be proud of their achievements, and clearly identify improvement opportunities.

  • Dive into other school’s experiences, and envision how innovation on learning can positively impact your community.

  • Complete Portfolio with in-class practice.

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