Why SER+ Works

Today, 19th century schools, 20th century teachers, and 21st century students coexist in an ineffective education system.

Globally, 123 million children between the ages of six and 15 are completely out of the traditional education system. In addition, technology and other social-economic factors actively contribute to the loss of millions of jobs worldwide by 2020. As a result, 65% of today’s students will perform jobs that do not yet exist today. Traditional schools are unprepared to address these challenges.

Introducing SER+

SER+ transforms this education systems’ reality by fostering student agency, which by definition is the level of control, autonomy, and power that a student experiences while learning, increasing their engagement and commitment to learn. Simply, agency gives students the active role, voice and choice in how they learn.

We base our concept on the research of progressive educational theorists such as Piaget, Papert and Dewey. SER+ provides a learning process fostering student agency through activities which are meaningful and relevant to learners, driven by their interests, self-initiated, self-managed, and with real-world application, along with the appropriate guidance from educators. It all results into 21st century skills development.

Unlike existing education apps, SER+ disrupts the traditional system as it focuses on personalizing the process of learning, rather than personalization of content. This makes it unique in its category, as it is adaptable to any curriculum requirement in any country. Our concept is successfully proven by our experience with 30,000+ students in Colombia, Chile, Mexico, Costa Rica, Spain and the U.S. Under our methodology, schools achieved an academic performance ratio of 1.039 compared to 0.36 of traditional education schools.

SER+ is a System Changer

A change in methodology is doing something different with the same principles, expecting different results. A change in a system is transforming the order and principles to obtain better results. SER+ help students through a learning process approach that fosters them to discover what makes their contribution unique and valuable to the world.

The disruption of technology

Technology and the Internet have affected our lives significantly. Individuals and companies who reflected what we really want created the most impactful disruption on how to get what we want.

To disrupt in education, we need to understand what its ultimate goal is:
to enable students to solve real-world problems and make the world a better place to live.


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